Monday, May 28, 2012

Martha Stewart Products Spotlight

Hey folks!

I was thinking about how Martha Stewarts craft supplies all coordinate together.  I love that!  Here are some of my favorite products from Martha.  She really does know what she's doing.  :)

1.)  Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board and Envelope Tool

This handy tool allows you to score your cards and projects so you have crisp creases.  It comes with a portion that you slide in and can create envelopes.  This is perfect for when you are in a bind and need an envelope or have an odd-shape card.  It also comes with a bone folder, but you can easily buy the next product I showcase and it fits quite nicely in the holder at the top of the board.  

2.)  Martha Stewart Bone Folder



Like I mentioned in the previous product, this fits nicely in the top of the Scoring Board and Envelope Tool.  It is also ergonomic so it won't hurt your hand when you are using it.  I did purchase the cream colored bone folder but have seen many friends using the pink one.  

3.)  Martha Stewart Crafts 12-inch Simple Paper Trimmer

I absolutely love this paper trimmer.  I did have one by Fiskars, but found that it didn't cut straight lines.  I also found that others were having the same problems with Fiskars.  This is about 6 inches by 13 inches.  The left side slides out so you can measure up to 12"x12".  It's light and compact and can easily go with you to crops and stores nicely.  Love this one!!  

4.)  Martha Stewart Crafts Punch Around the Page Layered Arches Edge Punch

This punch is awesome.  It helps bring your cards and projects to a whole new level.  All you need to do is line up the paper with the guides on the punch and punch the paper.  They state that you should start with the corners and work your way around the page from there.  There are many other Punch Around the Page designs to choose from but this is just one.  

5.)  Martha Stewart Crafts Fringe Scissors

Do your card designs have grass on them?  Or maybe not?  This versatile scissors offers the opton of having 5 blades cut through the paper at once instead of just two.  I love it!  You can use it to create an egg holder for dyed or dying eggs around Easter, or easily cut up confetti in less than 5 minutes.  Yes, you need these fringe scissors.  :)

6.)  Martha Stewart Crafts 24"x36" Cutting Mat

How could I not showcase this product?  I love it!  This has been the background on some of my videos recently and will continue for many to come.  It's huge, and a little expensive, but well worth it.  It also is a tri-fold and when folded stores nice and slim for you to keep it next to a desk or in a tight space.  It's all about organizing, right?  

Those are some of my favorite Martha Stewart Products.  Do you have any favorites?  Is there something that I need to have?  Let me know below!

Craft on,


  1. Hi Ian

    I too have the scoring board and the paper trimmer, which I think are great. I also convinced myself this morning that I had bought the smaller (next size down) cutting mat and spent ages looking for it. My problem is, that when I visit Michael's I pick up stuff and then
    decide that maybe I don't need it this time. So I thought I had one and had put it away somewhere! Well I can't find it so I guess I really do need to go and buy one - right?!

  2. Hi Karon! The scoring board and paper trimmer are great, aren't they? :) Oh no! Well, you really should get the cutting mat. It's so great! I absolutely love it. Yes, yes, yes, you need it. :) Happy to enable, :)