Saturday, May 26, 2012

Last birthday haul

Hey everyone,

My last package I was waiting on came in earlier this week and I was just now able to open it and do a video.  It's bittersweet that it's the last one as I know my birthday is officially over.  However, even if my birthday's over I can still spend, right?

If you answered no, I must disagree with you.

If you answered yes, *high five*!  Yes was actually the correct answer.  I'm sorry if you felt tricked, but it's a must to keep shopping - as long as the bills are paid.  :)

Alright, back on track.  This is my last birthday shipment.  This one's from Joann's.  Joann had 40% off scrapbook supplies, when don't they?  So I had to get some Peachy Keen stamps and a couple more items.  Good stuff!!

So, without further adieu - check out the video below.  I guess it's now time to start making things and stop spending money!  Haha.  Blogger is not able to find my video even though it's public, so here's the link for my last shopping haul.  :)

Craft on,


  1. Another haul - Wow. So glad you treated yourself so much for your birthday. Can't wait to see all the lovely things you are going to make with all your new goodies.

    1. Thanks, Karon. I know!! It's pretty bad. I need to stop. Well, until Stampaganza which starts in June for Close To My Heart. :)