Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sponge Dauber Case Guide

Hi there,

I did a quick video of how I decorated my sponge dauber case.  I took the guide that I posted about here, and placed that in my case.  I backed it with paper from Close To My Heart's Cruisin' Paper Packet.  I did make a mistake and corrected it after the video.  Instead of a dab of blue in all four corners, apply a line all the way around the edge and a little in the middle so it keeps from sagging.  The patterned paper was cut at 7.25" by 4.5".  Now, on to the video!

Craft on!


  1. I love this case . Where did you get it snd what is it called?

  2. Thanks, Cathleen! It's called a Sponge Dauber case. You can find it at, or other places. I believe I got mine on eBay. Hope that helps! :)