Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Last 24 Hours

Hi there!

The title of this post reminds me of the musical "The Last 5 Years".  Never saw it on stage but the soundtrack is amazing.  Give it a listen if you can.  It's about a couple that is separating and the story is told from two different perspectives.  His starting at the end and working it's way back to the beginning and hers starting at the beginning and working its way to the end of their relationship.  I was looking at my iTunes account and apparently my favorite three songs from this recording are A Miracle Would Happen with 390 plays, Nobody Needs to Know with 407 plays, and Goodbye Until Tomorrow/I Could Never Rescue You with 434 plays.  So, you could say that I love this soundtrack.  Haha.  I put a link below if you're interested in giving it a listen and possibly purchasing.  It's free shipping with Amazon Prime and you can also do a digital download if you choose to just have it right away.  Neat!  

Anyway, I digress.  My birthday is quickly approaching and to celebrate, I went a little overboard and did some in store and online shopping hauls.  

Yesterday I went to Yankee Candle.  I just wanted to smell the new "Man Candles" and see what all the hype was about.  $130 later, I left with 4 large candles, 3 car jars and 1 package of vent sticks.  Why does this happen to me?  Hahaha.  The large jar scents I purchased were Garden Hideaway, Beach Wood, Eucalyptus, and Man Town.  For the car jar's I got Fluffy Towels, Man Town, and New Car Scent.  The package of 4 vent sticks I picked up were also the Fluffy Towels scent.  Did I go overboard? Of course!  Am I regretting it?  Not yet.  When I got home I decided that the first one I unwrapped would be the one I burned first.  So, with that in mind, Garden Hideaway won.  My apartment smells FANTASTIC!  

My friend Becky came over last night we were planning on going out but before that I wanted her to help me with my laundry.  The dang clothes would not dry!  They weren't even warm.  So I grabbed two loads (one in the dryer and one on top of the dryer and left the last load in the washer) and we went next door to another residence hall that wasn't being used in the summer.  As I was putting the two loads in I noticed there was a knob that said "no heat", "little heat", and "yes, give it all the heat you got big boy" (ok, so not in those EXACT words, but you get the picture).  I screamed and said "If the other dryer has this same knob and it's on 'no heat' I am going to punch something".  She and I both laughed and we went back to my house (residence hall) and went back to the laundry room.  I still had a load of whites in the washer, mind you.  I get to the laundry room and low and behold one of the housekeepers in the house had turned it to "no heat".  UGH!!!!  So I put my load of whites in and then Becky and I headed out for dinner and drinks.  It was fun to catch up with her.  I hadn't seen her in about 3 months so we had a lot to catch up on.  A lot of laughs, and good drinks were had.  We also get a little chatty when it comes to those around us so we happened to meet a couple people here and there.  All in all, it was a fun night out.  

As I was saying, I went a little overboard and went online shopping as well.  The deals and steals will be coming in day by day but my Close To My Heart shopping haul came in early so I wanted to post the video!  In this little haul (laughing because it isn't so little), you will see even more of the products CTMH offers that will help me in my crafty goodness.  If you have questions or are considering ordering any products, please do not hesitate to let me know!  You can also shop online at at anytime.  By going this route, items can be shipped directly to you!  

Anyway, on to the video.  As a reminder, more haul videos to come!  Eeeeeee (that's me really excited!)  Enjoy!!  

Craft on, 


  1. HeHeHe Ian - yeah right only a "little haul". Loved the wicked laugh when you opened the box. Must feel like Christmas every time you open one. Thanks for sharing your latest haul:-)

    1. haha. I tend to laugh like that when I know I've done something bad but something good at the same time. :) It absolutely DOES feel like Christmas every time I open one. :) LOVE IT!! More to come!! Stay tuned. :)