Monday, March 25, 2013

Punch Storage

Hi folks,

Today I'm over at She's A Sassy Lady, showing you how to upcycle something you may not need anymore!  Recently I purchased 3 large stamp organizers from Close To My Heart.  Since I had been storing my stamps in the smaller ones I realized I didn't need them anymore so I wanted to find a way to upcycle them.  I realized that I could fit 2 large punches from Martha Stewart in them so I decided to label the organizer so I knew.  I used a plain grey cardstock cut at 3" and then used Art Philosophy for the letters.  I chose the set with the circles in them so that it added an extra flair.  Since the letters would not fit side by side, I had to off-set them a bit to make sure everything fit on one side.  Now, what can you upcycle?

Craft on,


  1. What a wonderful idea. TFS.

    1. Thanks, D! I am finding other options for the remaining containers. Love these things!