Monday, May 27, 2013

Mother's Day Card

Hi folks,

Ian here, from A Newbie Crafter.  Today, I have a Mother's Day card for you all.  It may or may not be sitting in my craft room still.  Full disclosure - I have already told my mom it was late so she knows and understands.  :)  I used Dream Pop papers to make this and LOVE it.  I also used a pop-dot on the "Mom" stamp.  I made it into a ribbon.  I thought it was cute.  

Here are some photos to show you what I did.

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!  Next year I will hopefully be able to spend it with my mom after 5 years of not being able to.

Craft on,


  1. So pretty - great colours!! TFS

  2. Ian~
    I love your Mother's Day card and so will your mom.
    Send it to her because as a Mom I would want it no matter how late it was. It shows her you were thinking of her enough to take the time to make it for her.
    I hope you get to spend time with her next year that will be the best present EVER!!
    D~ dmcardmaker (AOL)

    1. Thanks, D! I'm planning on giving it to her when I get home in a couple weeks. I think she understands why it's so late. I'll also have a belated birthday card for her too. Whoops! :)

  3. Hope you are doing OK Ian - not long now before you are on the move :-) Hugs, Karon.

  4. Thought I would come by to see what you have been up to. What a Fun Mother's Day Card. Love the bright colors that you used. Hope your having a good summer! :0)

  5. Just checking in to see how things are.
    How is the new job?
    Miss you my friend!

  6. Hope you are well Ian - hope yo see you back once settled :-)

  7. Hi Ian. Hope things are OK - how are you enjoying the new job. Miss you around blog land :-) Happy Thanksgiving.