Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gift Card Holder

Hi folks!

Long time no post!  Eek!  I am designing for The Bugbytes today and have a very easy gift card holder for those last minute gift ideas.  Everyone loves gift cards, at least everyone I know does.  Why give them a gift card with the cardboard it comes attached to when you can dress it up?  This is the perfect way to get snazzy with a gift card!  Each year, we have Resident Assistant Appreciation Day.  At my current institution, each Area Coordinator (RA Supervisor) does something special for their own staff.  I decided to give each staff member a $10 gift card (something small, but does the trick) to thank them for all they do for us in Res Life.

I took an 8.5"x11" piece of paper and trimmed it down to 8.5"x10".  I then cut the paper at 4.25"x10". This will make 2 gift card holders when you use both pieces.  I then scored each piece of paper at 3", 4", 5", and 8".  I rounded the corners of each gift card holder before cutting and adhering the second layer.

For the extra pieces on the inside, I cut them at 4"x2.75", 4"x.75, 4"x.75, 4"x2.75" and 4"x1.75".  For the extra pieces on the outside, I cut them at 4"x2.75", 4"x2.75" and 4"x1.75".  For the pieces on the end (4"x2.75" and 4"x1.75"), I also rounded those corners and adhered all pieces to their respective places.  On the outside of the holder there will be two pieces that don't have a 2nd layer on them.  You will glue those pieces together.  I used Scor-Tape because I needed a strong grip on it to keep it together.  Once all pieces were assembled, I cut a thin strip off the two 4"x1" pieces I glued together so that I could stick the gift card in there.

If you use a solid piece of paper you can also jazz it up with a personal message.  On this, I used the Stitched Together stamp from Close To My Heart.

Once you have everything folded up, take some ribbon and wrap it around the holder (to keep it shut).  You could also use some Hook and Loop dots (similar to velcro) to keep it shut.  Voila!  A snazzy gift card holder!  I did not make a video - but hopefully this summer I can make one to show you.  I saw this idea from Gina K. and knew I wanted to do it for my next project!

Craft on,


  1. I love this! Love the paper you used!

    1. Thanks, Carol! So glad you liked it! :)

  2. Its fabulous Ian - and such a great idea! TFS

  3. What a great gift card! It really turns a gift card (nice as it is) into an extremely thoughtful gift. I love it!

  4. Ian? Ian who? lol.
    Seriously it is good to have you back!
    Aren't these fun gift card holders to make?
    I bet your RAs will love them. TFS.

    1. haha. :) Sorry about that! Love these gift card holders. They did love them! :)

  5. Very pretty!Love this,Thanks for sharing...