Tuesday, December 11, 2012

HELP! My craft room is a disaster!

Hey everyone,

I hope this email finds you doing well and enjoying your week.  2 weeks until Christmas.  Whoa!  I have a ton of projects to complete before I head home a week from today and am having heart palpitations just looking at my craft room.  The story behind this is that my craft room, started inching its way out into my kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom.  Yes, I said bathroom.  I had craft supplies in EVERY room of my house.  Ok, so it was only a magazine subscription postcard in the bathroom, but it was still craft related!  Haha.

Two weeks ago, my staff and I were talking about our last staff meeting of the semester.  I wanted to do something fun for them as it was on a Sunday night, and finals were that Monday.  Many ideas were tossed around and we decided on a movie.  I offered several locations on campus we could watch the movie until one of my staff members proudly offered my apartment as the viewing center.  WHAT?!  I had so much to clean on Sunday night because of the craft supplies being everywhere, that I just ended up putting it in my craft room.  Below you will see pictures of the destruction.  Since it's so messy I have no motivation to craft.  Someone PLEASE come and clean my craft room.  Please?

From my kitchen looking into the room.  Eek!

From my kitchen peeking inside the door to the right.  Double Eek!

Close up of what was in the first picture.  Triple Eek!

Spare bed in the craft room COVERED in supplies.  Quadruple EEK!!!  

So, if anyone wants to come and help me clean and organize, you are more than welcome.  Hurry!  I can't stand it anymore.  

Craft on,


  1. For a second I thought perhaps there had been a bomb or something - nope just your craft room LOL! You need someone to come and help you sort it all out - order of the day - take one step at a time and tackle a little corner each day till you have it how you want it:-) Have a great week Ian.

    1. LOL! I think a bomb would have been a lot neater, as this is just messy!! LOL! You are right, one step at a time, one little corner and move on. :) I'll get it day! haha

  2. Hey did you sneak in my room and take pictures? Seriously if I sent you pictures of my room right now you would feel so much better about yours. lol. Mine is a craft/guest room so there is a lot of "other" stuff in there, too. I've been creating for a craft bazaar that was on the 1st then on the 3rd I hurt my back so crafting is put off for awhile let alone cleaning. When I prep for the bazaar I tend to craft in themes and I always tell myself I'll clean up and put things away in between but you guessed it I didn't.
    When I do clean I'll move all of the piled stuff out into my hallway then put it back in where it belongs otherwise I find the piles way too overwhelming. lol
    dmcardmaker (AOL)
    lol my code to comment is relaxBU

    1. You are too funny! Mine is also a craft/guest room - but no guests so it stays my craft room. LOL! Oh no!! I hope your back is feeling better!! I totally understand what you mean about moving to another location and moving back. Currently my craft items have taken over my kitchen again, but that should change soon once all these dang checkouts are done. haha. As for the code - I completely didn't realize I had one on - I fixed that issue. :) Too funny about the code though. haha.

  3. Seriously, this looks good! My room has been a mess making things for my granddaughters school bazaar, things for the girls in my husbands office and it is also my wrapping center for Christmas presents. Now today is clean up because I have like 4 challenge projects to get ready this weekend!!!

    1. You are too kind, Diane! I feel like there are a lot of Bazaars going on right now as D (up above) was also working on one. I hope you got your space cleaned up!!