Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pink ATG Gun!

Hi there,

Long time, no post.  Sorry about that.  I'm still on vacation and trying to enjoy every last minute of it.  I've been watching my nieces (5 years old - tomorrow and 2 months old).  I was cruising facebook and noticed that someone mentioned that the Pink ATG Gun was on sale.  I went to check it out and holy moly it is!!  I think I paid twice this amount for mine.  I have also seen them go as high as $40 or $50 for them.  This is a steal!  Click the link below and check it out.  You'll see that I use the Pink ATG Gun in my videos from time to time.  Love it!

Until next time...

Craft on,


  1. Gosh that is cheap - I got mine at Michaels with a 50% off voucher so got it for $27 and I thought that was a bargain. Enjoy your last couple of days.

    1. Right! I couldn't believe that price. I should purchase a second one in case my first one malfunctions. :)