Monday, April 9, 2012

Programming Board

As part of the Resident Assistant's job at this college, they are required to facilitate programming.  There are 4 socials each semester and 3 SPEEDY (Spiritual, Physical, Environmental, Educational, Diversity, You Choose).  Whatever 3 they complete in the Fall, they must do the remaining 3 the next semester.  So if they do a Environmental, Diversity and another Environmental (You Choose), 2nd semester they would do a Spiritual, Physical, and Educational.  This is a way for me to track what they have done (on the purple board below my banner.  The letters were from Alphalicious, and the baskets are from Doodlecharms (I believe).  On the programming board, I made smaller versions of the baskets from the same paper.  :)

The last picture is the doortag I made 1st semester for my RAs.  The bird is from Create a Critter.  We had a Legends of the Hidden Temple theme to training and I chose for my team to be the Purple Parrots. This was as close as I could get to a "parrot" with the carts I had.  :)

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