Monday, April 9, 2012

Christmas Gift ideas

This post is designed for Christmas gift ideas.  The first picture is etched glass.  I used vinyl in my Cricut and placed the negative image on the glass vase.  Then I used etch cream and a foam brush and etched the glass.  I washed the cream off and took off the vinyl.  Sometimes you will need to take a credit card or another hard plastic item to get the air bubbles out.  On the back are 3 snow flakes ranging in size that I did the same thing with.

The second picture is a gift for my Grandma and Aunt.  I made them a set of 10 thank you cards (blank inside) with their favorite color and the first initial of their last name.  They also really liked these.  The plastic boxes came from  Definitely worth the extra money on these because you can use them for many gifts in the future.

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