Monday, April 9, 2012

3D characters

I have a friend that is in love with comic books.  Every Wednesday he heads to the comic book store to purchase the new comics that come out.  When I stumbled across the Superman and Batman comics I knew I had to make these for him.  I couldn't figure out the Joker so if anyone can figure that out, please share!  :)  These were all fit to page.  The only thing is that I messed up and changed the size of Batman's face.  Don't do that.  It may look like it won't fit at the regular size, but it will.


  1. I have a challenge for you. When you get your camera in make a video about how to put these together. It's always harder to do thinks when the camera is on.

    1. :) I'm not sure if I would do these again, but if I do, I will certainly make a video. It will need to be super edited because it took me a long time to make it. We shall see! (Sorry I just saw this comment!)